‘I think the Sheffield food scene is vibrant and lively and I can’t wait to explore it more’

Atanas Panayotov, aged 30, is the operations manager at LIV Hotel, Sheffield’s new student accommodation opening this September at the foot of Ecclesall Road. He lives in Woodseats with his girlfriend Adoria.

By Rochelle Barrand
Wednesday, 20 March, 2019, 15:40
Sheffield resident Atanas Panayotov with his girlfriend Adoria.

 Are you a cook?

I love cooking anything and everything: new recipes or making up my own.

Any cooking tips?

Use simple fresh ingredients and make it look pretty because we feast with our eyes.

Your favourite pub?

Leopold Square’s Kuckoo is terrific. We like the indie rock they play and lovely cocktails. Me and my team all come from the hospitality industry because exemplary hotel-style customer service is all- important at LIV Student Hotels, so I much  appreciate the amazing bar staff I have ended up sitting chatting to.

What’s the best meal you’ve had?

We bought the most amazingly succulent steak from Abbeydale Supermarket butchery who specialise in Middle Eastern and European food. It was absolutely fantastic - honestly, the best steak ever.

Your favourite TV cook?

Got to be Gordon Ramsay – I really like his energy, just not a big fan of his cursing!

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out?

Vibrant and lively – there’s so much to choose from. LIV Student Hotels is located right in the heart of the Ecclesall Road eating scene, so me and the team are looking forward to exploring the area.