'˜I won't set foot inside again:' Fury at Doncaster hotel's '˜support' for Boxing Day hunt

A Doncaster hotel has been bombarded with abuse and criticism over its '˜support' for a Boxing Day hunt '“ with dozens of customers pledging never to set foot inside again.

Thursday, 27th December 2018, 8:49 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 4:16 pm
The Grove and Rufford Hunt sets off from Bawtry. (Photo: Mick Hickman).

The Crown Hotel in Bawtry shared photos of the Grove and Rufford Hunt on its Facebook page adding: 'great to see so many people and horses.'

The hunt returned to the centre of Bawtry yesterday - a year after it was refused permission to meet in the town centre following the conviction of three people for hunting offences.

The Grove and Rufford Hunt sets off from Bawtry. (Photo: Mick Hickman).

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Boxing Day hunt in Bawtry attracts thousands

But the hotel was deluged with criticism on Facebook with many threatening to boycott the venue for its perceived support of the hunt.

After sharing photos of hunters, hounds and horses outside the hotel and pictures of drinks and mince pies, a post on the hotel's Facebook page added: 'A great turn out for the return of the Grove and Rufford Hunt leaving from Bawtry today - great to see so many people and horses.'

The Crown Hotel at Bawtry

But within hours, the post had attracted hundreds of angry comments.

Debbie Scarborough wrote: 'Oh dear, the Crown boasting about helping the hunt '“ very disappointed I hope nobody steps foot over your entrance again.'

Hayley Taylor fumed: 'Disgraceful.... won't ever set foot in your s**** hole again promoting this sort of barbaric behaviour!!! Vile!!'

Kate O'Brien added: 'Well you've lost my custom and that of many more after this post.'

Grace Mundy wrote: 'This went down like a wet fart. Can't help but laugh at this massive PR fail.

'Support of hunts is dwindling just like other old barbaric atrocities. Let's get with the times and stop hunting.'

Tony Critchley added: 'Best of luck in 2019 Crown Hotel... you're going to need it.'

Others suggested they would post negative reviews of the hotel on travel review website Trip Advisor while another said that they would cross the hotel out as a potential wedding venue.

Jillian Camp wrote: 'Crown Hotel '“  hope the profit from those drinks and mince pies was worth the tarnished reputation to your business.'

Sabina Fox added: 'Absolutely disgusting. You brag about this like it's something to be proud of.

'You reap what you sow....hopefully your customers now know what kind of revolting establishment you run.'

Pat Pashley posted: 'Will never go the Crown again - disgusting supporting fox hunt!'

And Rachel Dinnell added: 'Shame on this place '“ lost any future custom from me. Cruel beyond words.'

However, a handful of customers were in support.

David Plant wrote: 'Well done guys! Looks like an awesome turn out! Great for helping keeping the tradition going.'

And Matthew Wright added: 'Well done to all involved, a great turn out and hospitality.

'Great to see not just the Crown but all the other businesses in Bawtry joining in by opening up, offering drinks. It's a great buzz in the town and gets people spending and helping local businesses.'

Matt Tomlinson added: 'Great turnout again! Great to see a country tradition being kept alive!'

Speaking outside the hotel, hunt chairman Nick Alexander said: "It's great to be back.

'We've had fantastic support from the people of Bawtry.

"There's a great atmosphere, there's thousands of people here today.

"There are clearly people who don't want us to do what we're doing and, given that we're hunting within the law, there can only be one conclusion - that is that this isn't an issue of hunting for them, this is what they perceive us to be.

"As you can see, you see many of the people on horseback and around, these are just ordinary people who just happen to like riding."

Last year, death threats were sent to staff at the King William Inn in Scaftworth after the venue announced it would welcome the hunt in place of the Crown Hotel.

We have contacted the Crown Hotel for further comment.