#If You Know Sheffield...

The Hole In The Road by Berris Conolly
The Hole In The Road by Berris Conolly

HILLS, steel and a reight good accent - everyone knows what Sheffield is famous for.

But when city residents and celebrities took to Twitter to shout about them, as well as some of its lesser known attractions, the topic was so popular it became a global ‘trend’ on the site.

Using the marker #IfYouKnowSheffield, people posted about the everyday curiosities and historical traditions of Sheffield.

Former cricket star Michael Vaughan, now living in Baslow, even posted his observations on city nights out.

He typed: “#IfYouKnowSheffield... You will have had a fishcake and mushy pea buttie from the Devonshire Chippy.”

Sheffield pop artist Pete McKee also joined the trend - which was later copied by people living in other cities. He wrote: “#IfYouKnowSheffield... You are a person of impeccable taste and I love you.”

Businesses and football fans caught on to using the #IfYouKnowSheffield tag to promote their causes.

But some of the most popular topics focused on dialectal words like ‘mardy’ and former landmarks including the hole-in-the-road roundabout or Tinsley Towers.

Here are some of our favourite posts.

Jay Baker - “#IfYouKnowSheffield... Your opinion of it is great because, unlike critics, you’ve actually been there since like 1988.”

Greg Hamilton - “#IfYouKnowSheffield... You know you have to walk up a hill to get where you’re going, and up a hill to get back!”

Baby D - “#IfYouKnowSheffield... And are over 30 years old, you’ll remember running to look at the fish tank in the hole-in-the-road.”

Shane Butler - “#IfYouKnowSheffield... Then you know Meadowhall is crazy on a Saturday.”

Kiz_Khalifa - “#IfYouKnowSheffield... Then you’ll know that ‘oreyt’ could be a question, statement, feeling or greeting!”

Dave Baines - “#IfYouKnowSheffield... The only way to explain to an American where you’re from is to ask them if they’ve seen The Full Monty.”

Callum Huntington added: “#IfYouKnowSheffield... You’ll probably know the Macmillan Cancer Research man who always has a green Afro wig and his Olympic torch.”

Ray Tidings - #IfYouKnowSheffield... you’ll understand why, after a few months, it can become ‘home’.”