Illegal cigarettes seized from 12-year-old girls in South Yorkshire

Illegal cigarettes ended up in the hands of two 12-year-old girls in South Yorkshire, police have revealed.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 02 November, 2018, 21:06
Illegal cigarettes seized by police in Rotherham

Officers in Rotherham tweeted today: 'Illegal cigarettes have been seized from two 12-year-old girls in Eastwood today.

'These cigarettes have been illegally imported and sold in the UK.

'Please call police on 101 or contact Trading Standards if you see these types of cigarettes being sold.'

As well as costing the UK economy in lost tax revenue, Trading Standards officers say illegal and counterfeit cigarettes pose an even greater risk to smokers' health than ordinary cigarettes, with some having been found to contain arsenic, mould and rat droppings.