Illustrator’s exhibition held in Sheffield

Mick Marston cycle-horse
Mick Marston cycle-horse
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AWARD-winning illustrator Mick Marston is putting on a show at A Month of Sundays in Sharrow.

Outlook Gloomy, With Bright Intervals is a series of screen prints, drawing upon fragmented memories, thoughts, half baked bits of useful (and useless) information, stories, pictures, paranoia, songs and language.

Professionally, Marston has an impressive list of clients – from Atlantic Records to Vodafone via The Guardian and Penguin Books but also makes prints to satisfy his own creative urges and attempt to buck the trend of bland commercial illustration.

“The images in this show are primarily the result of the current economic climate – not particularly in terms of imagery or subject matter but more in the fact that i’ve had time on my hands,” says Marston. “I’m an an unashamed commercial artist, but what does an illustrator do when the commissions stop coming in – after all the first things to disappear in a recession are inventive advertising and bespoke images?

“Constraint is a vital ingredient,” he continues. “I’m a printmaker at heart – therefore I use the computer as if I was going to print the outcome personally – ‘whats the least number of colours I can get away with?’, no contrived computer textures or effects allowed. I even impose constraints on the way things are drawn sometimes – ‘this horse has got to touch each edge of the page’, or ‘I’ve got to make this completely out of circles’.”

Artist and gallery owner Pete McKee says: “For me Mick Marston one of his most inventive, imaginative and talented graphic artists working today. He stands head and shoulders above the rest in his unbelievable clever approach.

“Each illustration not only sits as a beautiful work of art but also shines with wit and invention. Mick’s show will be the must see exhibition of the year.”

Outlook Gloomy, With Bright Intervals opens on Saturday and runs until September 22 at A Month of Sundays Gallery, Sharrow Vale Road, Tuesdays to Saturdays.