In Focus: Kicking off next theme on the great outdoors too.

Fitting football celebration scores the winning prize.

Thursday, 31st May 2018, 15:31 pm
Updated Thursday, 31st May 2018, 15:42 pm
Telegraph in Focus Celebration Rio celebrates

As this month’s theme comes to a close we can congratulate our winner and runner up who both happen to be John Beadman. John has sent in a fair few images for this month’s theme, and I can tell he really enjoyed hunting through his archive of photos to find any that suited the theme. Simon Grason at Harrison Cameras has chosen the first prize of £25 for John’s ‘Rio Celebrates’ photo, which is very topical for our forthcoming World Cup. Unbeknown to Simon Grason he also chose a John Beadman pic for his runner-up, and I have to agree this is a great, colourful shot of flags and really fit our theme well. Happy Graduation is another one of John’s images which is different take on life’s celebrations. Its a great angle showing the rows of Mortar boards broken up by the flash of green from the gown hoods.

John Leigh’s image is a great British scene titled ‘Lad winning pig herding competition at Penistone Show’. I particularly like the expression of the gent on the scooter behind, truly elated by the young boy in the arena with his prize pig. John Leigh has also captured the Mrs in action winning at the races. I love capturing the animation of people shots, it really sets the tone of the photo and this month’s theme really lends itself to this. It’s hard not to smile when you look at images like these two from John Leigh. I can now chose our next theme to get your shutters flapping now we are into warmer weather.

Telegraph in focus Celebration John Beadman

I have chosen ‘the great outdoors’. We are the green city afterall and I am sure some of you will already have some pics you have already taken to send me. Don’t forget they have to have been taken locally and this theme closes on June 26.

Telegraph in Focus Celebration Rio celebrates
Telegraph in Focus Celebration Happy Graduation
Telegraph in focus COMPETITION-Theme- celebration- Lad winning pig herding competition at Penistone show taken by John Leigh
Telegraph in focus Competition- theme - celebration- Mrs Leigh winning at the races taken by John Leigh