Indulge in a little of what you fancy

Bev Smith (eft) and Judy Justice - Roses confectioners
Bev Smith (eft) and Judy Justice - Roses confectioners

Guilty of over-indulgence during the festive season? Sheffield family bakers Roses have come up with the perfect antidote…

The company’s answer to the battle of the bulge is a new range of miniature treats. That means customers will be able to satisfy their sweet tooth while also halving the number of calories they consume.

“Not everyone wants a full-sized fresh cream slice,” says general manager Mark Johnstone.

“This new range is perfect for customers who want a little treat without feeling too guilty.

“We’ve released it in January when people are looking to cut down on what they are eating and possibly dieting. These miniature products are ideal for a little treat without the big calorie intake.”

Award-winning Roses, established in 1940, developed the new range after identifying a gap in the market.

“We plan to vary the range throughout the year depending on the season,” says commercial manager Seuranie Rose.

“Our confectioners are highly skilled and the miniature products are all individually made by hand.”

Mr Johnstone added: “We know all customers make cutbacks in January, both in how much they eat and what they spend.

“We firmly believe this new range will allow them to watch both while also indulging in our confectionery products. I think it will be a huge hit.”

The new range of miniature cakes and pastries includes everything from chocolate-covered fancies to éclairs and vanilla slices.

It is now available in all four Roses shops as well as other selected outlets around Sheffield.

Lesley Draper