Is the world’s first club on the move?

Former Sheffield FC forward Zeph Thomas
Former Sheffield FC forward Zeph Thomas

Crisis club Sheffield FC may be edging their way closer to a move back into the city.

Sheffield Council sources suggest the oldest club in the world are negotiating a move to Olive Grove, a switch they have been wanting for years. That would clear the way for ‘Club’ to sell off their ground at Dronfield, possibly for development.

Sheffield FC are in a mess, they have had to cut wages and have lost thier best six players.

One of them is striker Zeph Thomas, 24, who has joined Mickleover Sport. Thomas, who has denied claims his new club have tripled his wages, says he will be owed two week’s money by Sheffield at the end of the month.

“It’s a difficult situation (at Sheffield) with the financial problems and wage cuts” Thomas told the Star. “I don’t know if I am going to get paid at the end of the month. It’s difficult because some players rely on the money because of working part-time. To be honest I am not expecting it, even though I probably should because every time I have played for Sheffield I gave 100%. I think the players and the fans will vouch for that. “They have a fantastic set of lads and I enjoyed playing there, but this was an opportunity to go and further my career.

“I have got so much so respect for the manager, the club, the players and the fans because they have stood by me and let me play football.”

During the Christmas period Thomas received two offers to leave, but with Sheffield within touching distance of a play-off place, he stayed.

Club manager Ian Whitehorne declined to comment on speculation of a move to Olive Grove, but said Thomas would be paid what he is owed.

Thomas continued: “I felt at this stage of the season, Sheffield FC wasn’t going anywhere and a club came in for me and it gave me a chance to further my career.

“To be honest, Ian didn’t really try and keep me or persuade me to stay, so for me it was a good chance to further my career. There’s nothing better feeling than being wanted as a football player.

“We had a good set of lads, talented lads, and we had a good squad. I really thought at the start of the season we were going to go and get promoted because the set of lads we had were quality, but I don’t know what has happened since then, it wasn’t what I expected.”