Isabelle becomes a boss in the boardroom

Rotherham youngster Isabelle Hall was invited to the boardroom of a national family restaurant chain - to have her say on changes for children.

The eight-year-old was chosen from over 200 rivals by the Wacky Warehouse and Fayre and Square group to become a Little Leader.

Isabelle was one of a group of ten mini executives who visited the company’s head office at Burton-on-Trent to give her views to boss Nick Young.

The youngsters called for themed birthday parties and an official Wacky Warehouse song - which will now be brought in nationwide later this year.

Isabelle’s mum Claire said: “Isabelle was so excited to get into the boardroom and makes some demands.

“It’s not every day kids can tell us adults what to do – and know that they are actually listening. She loved every minute and couldn’t wait to tell the boss he was fired!”

Claire said Isabelle was perfect for the Little Leader job.

“She is independent, silly, able to make decisions, brilliantly creative, eager to participate, loves good food, likes to have fun and enjoys a great day out,” she added.

Isabelle also spent part of the day working with chefs to taste new dishes, helping to design the look and style of the menu and most importantly testing out new play equipment.

Then in the boardroom she met some of the company’s senior managers, with the Little Leaders telling them exactly what kids wanted.

Isabelle’s application form for the job had earlier caught the judges’ imagination.

She came up with a plan for a ‘swap time’, where kids and adults could change places at Wacky Warehouses so the grown-ups could see what all the fun was about.