It is more that we have too much choice

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I feel I must respond to Andrew Marshall’s letter (Where were you all?).

I understand his disappointment at not playing to a full Victoria Hall, but it is certainly not because Sheffield folk do not turn out for concerts. It is more that we have too much choice.

In fact, on the same night, there was a concert at the City Hall that sounds very similar to his.

Many Sheffielders are regular patrons of the City Hall concerts and have season tickets, so they would obviously go there.

Many nights there are two or three events I would love to attend.

So please Mr Marshall, do not judge us on one night. Check out ‘What’s On in Sheffield’ and see our dilemma.

L Dixon


How spineless is Sheffield City Council?

How can Sheffield City Councillors vote for a policy on Sexual Entrainment Venues (SEVs) that completely undermines the position and safety of women ?

Sheffield City Council has a responsibility under the 2010 Equality Act to have a Public Sector Equality Duty which ensures that women can walk during the day and night safely.

How can the existence of places where men go to watch women strip, a place which offers students discounted rates to come and watch women strip, how does this portray an equal society ?

These men then go on to our streets intoxicated, making women feel unsafe . For years, through many campaigns women have fought for safe streets at night and the right to walk alone without risk of rape and intimidation .

I cannot believe that Sheffield City Council can behave so badly in relation to the renewal of their licensing policy.

In December Sheffield Council “invited“ individuals and organisations to give our comments about what they thought about the council’s policy on Sexual Entertainment Venues, as they were reviewing their current policy .

Many of us attended meetings with council officials who came up with a proposal that here should be two SEVs in Sheffield ,( and in my mind that is still two too many). SCC then came up with a second consultation process in which they said there would be no cap on SEVs and that anyone can apply to open them in any part of the city.

The consultation time was reduced and then at a committee chaired by a woman, with five white male councillors they voted for an open policy with no cap .

The licensing committee was farcical, the barrister had biased research without evidencing any research that has been done over the last 40 years about the roots of sexual violence and exploitation. The barrister could have been the counsel for Spearmint Rhino!

What a waste of time and money all the consultation was .

Can’t Sheffield follow other cities who have put a cap on all SEVs and have none in their cities ?

Where were the five women councillors who sit on the licensing committee?

Only one was there and she was in the chair .

Are all the others not interested in women’s issues, of safety , democracy, or how our streets are made safe for ourselves, our sisters and our daughters ?

How spineless is Sheffield City Council?

Ros Wollen

Sheffield 2

Keeping Coles has consequences

In April 1960, the council abandoned plans for a huge Civic Centre between Barker’s Pool and Moorhead and instead leased some of the land to the John Lewis Partnership, planning for the surrounding area to be dedicated to shopping.

In 1963, Coles moved from their famous Fargate corner to the John Lewis store that we see today.

A mere 60 years later they may finally be joined by other new shops, if the latest iteration of the Retail Quarter is completed by 2023 as suggested.

It’s been a long wait, so no wonder that John Lewis remain tight-lipped about the development.

Mediaeval cathedrals have been built over shorter timespans.

Keeping Coles has consequences. It puts a stop to the grandiose and pointless boulevard carving past Leah’s Yard and sweeping all before it.

It requires existing streets be kept, with Cambridge Street no longer downgraded to a steeply-stepped alleyway, and creates scope for historic buildings to survive. Will Queensberry want to build on the character of this Conservation Area, or resort to the anonymous architecture of previous schemes?

J Robin Hughes

Towngate Road

Brexit negotiations, does not auger well

Maybe it should be John Gilvarry (Nov 30) who should upsticks to North Korea since he is the one who appears to dislike the democratic process of debate and questioning.

In a democracy we are allowed to criticise and hold those in power to account. Given that ”leavemoaners” have spent decades undermining their own party in order to leave the EU it is a bit rich for him to suggest we cannot challenge what this Government is doing.

How dare he suggest that we should not criticise Donald Trump (the most un-Presidential leader of a democratic country) who constantly puts out fake news about the UK and now re-tweets videos posted by a far right group.

The problem seems to be that Brexiteers, whilst constantly telling us that they won the referendum, forget about the lies told by the Leave campaign - most obviously the £350 million per week going to the NHS (in your dreams!).

However, the total chaos around this Government#s Brexit negotiations, does not auger well for our country’s economic future.

John Blenkinsopp

Psalter Lane

Sad loss - but Sandra’s legacy will live on

Sandra was one of Sheffield’s can do people who set out to achieve help and encouragement for those with epilepsy.

In founding Fable she was not only able to provide medical information and education for those who had epilepsy but encouraged them to reach their dreams. She was able to get access to famous people to support her and meet with clients. Her death is a sad loss for Sheffield but her legacy will live on.

Fable has a walk in centre for anyone who wants to find out about epilepsy or wants to know more about what help is available.

Roger Davison

By email