'˜It's pasture bedtime,' joke police as they move cows found on major Sheffield roadÂ

Police have had to remove a herd of cows who made their way on to a major Sheffield road in the early hours of this morning.Â

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 21 October, 2018, 08:20
Police were called out to remove a herd of cows from the Bochum Parkway in Meadowhead this morning

Officers were called out to the Bochum Parkway, Meadowhead at around 4am. 

The cows were moved to safety, and thankfully police saw the funny side. 

A spokesman for the force's Operational Support team said on Twitter: 'These highway trespassers clearly thought they were '˜cow-moo-flaged' as they grazed in the central reservation. We '˜hoofed it' to the scene before a collision occurred. It's clearly '˜pasture' bedtime, we said! #Team1 #Sheffield #Police