Jarrow March reaches city

ABOUT 30 Jarrow Marchers were due in Sheffield yesterday (Wednesday) – on the day that the latest youth unemployment figures reached almost one million.

They were planning a demonstration outside the Job Centre in West Street on their road from Jarrow to Westminster.

The campaign, supported by seven trade unions, was highlighting the plight of unemployed young people in the city that includes Nick Clegg’s Hallam constituency.

Iain Dalton, Yorkshire organiser of Youth Fight for Jobs, said “These levels of youth unemployment are a clear indication that the Government’s cuts aren’t solving the problems ordinary people are facing. Rather than the private sector picking up the slack, private sector employers like BAE in Brough are shedding hundreds of jobs.

“Instead of doling out more money to the financial sector, Youth Fight for Jobs calls for a programme of creating socially useful jobs with decent rates of pay, terms and conditions.

“Building new social housing or investing in eco-friendly technology, for example, would give young people a chance to use their talents for the benefit of all rather than throwing today’s youth ont o the scrapheap.”

The West Street protest was being followed by a rally outside the town hall.