Jordan Thomas murder: How the eight-week trial unfolded

Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas

Jordan Thomas was murdered on December 21 last year while in a car on Derek Dooley Way.

Two men were charged with his murder and their trial began at Sheffield Crown Court on Tuesday 6th October this year.

The key locations in the case

The key locations in the case

Here is our day-byday look back at the seven week trial:

Day One

The court was told the murder of was a 'planned attack' following a long-running feud between two rival groups.
Asif Yousaf and Jama Ahmed stood accused of killing Jordan.
Day Two

The court heard ‘one-in-a-billion’ DNA matches to a defendant accused of being part of the murder of Jordan Thomas were found in an abandoned car used in the shooting.
Forensic scientist Michelle Walton told Sheffield Crown Court that swabs taken from the automatic car’s gear selector, rear view mirror and light switch all matched the DNA profile of Asif Yousaf.
Day Three

The grandmother of murdered Sheffield man Jordan Thomas has revealed he was ‘on edge and very nervous’ days before his death.
Lynne Hamblett told Sheffield Crown Court ‘she knew something was going on’ and had a ‘horrible feeling’ something was wrong and ‘feared’ for her grandson.
Day Four

The brother of Jordan Thomas revealed he feared ‘retribution’ against his family if he gave evidence to the police about the killing.
He said he did not give information to the police for months after his brother was shot dead by a masked gunman on Derek Dooley Way because he believed it could put the rest of the family ‘in jeopardy’.
Day Five

A witness claimed he was ‘pressured’ into saying he saw one defendant with a gun 24 hours before the shooting.

Kalim Akhtar had given a statement to police in May that he had seen Jama Ahmed with a gun on De La Salle Drive in Burngreave on December 20, the day before Mr Thomas was shot dead by a masked gunman on Derek Dooley Way.
Day Six

Kalim Akhtar told the court he was paid £100 by the victim’s grandmother after making a false statement about the case.

He claimed his police statement that suggested defendant Jama Ahmed had been carrying a gun and looking for Jordan the night before the killing was false.
Day Seven

A detective in the Jordan Thomas murder investigation defended a police probe into claims a witness was bribed to make a statement.

Detective Sergeant Robert Jones told the murder trial at Sheffield Crown Court that witness Kalim Akhtar, who made a formal statement on May 16, was a ‘different man’ when they spoke to him three days later about a reported allegation of bribery.
Day Eight

The survivor of the double shooting described the moment a masked gunman using a silencer murdered his best friend.
Neshaun Ferguson, who was injured in the attack that killed Jordan Thomas on Sunday, December 21, last year, relived the shooting at Sheffield Crown Court.
Day Nine

CCTV footage showed the killers of Sheffield murder victim Jordan Thomas following him in a car moments before he was shot.

The jury were also shown the Mitsubishi Shogun used in the killing on Derek Dooley Way on December 21 being driven away from the scene before it was abandoned at Ponderosa Park a couple of minutes after the fatal attack.
Day 10

A shocked couple described seeing a masked gunman carry out a murder on Derek Dooley Way in Sheffield.
The couple’s car was just metres away when the shooter carried out a fatal attack on December 21 last year, killing 22-year-old Jordan Thomas and injuring his friend Neshaun Ferguson.

Day 11

The mother of a man accused of murdering Jordan Thomas was cleared of providing her son with a false alibi on the night of the killing.

Tazeem Bi, 57, of Violet Bank Road, Nether Edge, had gone on trial accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice in relation to the death of Mr Thomas.
Day 15

Jordan Thomas spoke to the defendant accused of playing a part in his murder less than 12 hours before his death, the court was told.

Caroline Hanson, intelligence and communication analyst at South Yorkshire Police, was giving evidence to the jury.
Day 19

The best friend of murder victim Jordan Thomas refuted claims in police notes that a gun was in the car when a masked man shot him and killed Jordan.
Neshaun Ferguson was recalled to Sheffield Crown Court to answer more questions from defence counsel Ann Cotcher QC and Adrian Waterman QC.
Day 22

The court heard a witness told police a masked ‘Somalian’ man approached the car he was sat in, peered in and said: ‘Wrong man’ – just hours before Jordan Thomas was shot dead.
Shoaeb Fayed told officers Jordan was murdered in a car on Derek Dooley Way on the same night as his encounter with the man, who had covered his face with a scarf.
Day 27

A suspect accused of playing a part in the killing said he had ‘no idea’ what the murder vehicle he bought was going to be used for.
Asif Yousaf, aged 33, told the jury in his murder trial that he bought the car used in the fatal shooting in return for some crack cocaine – but was at home when the murder took place.
Day 29

A suspect accused of playing a part in the murder of Jordan Thomas said members of a Somali gang ordered him to change his clothes hours after the shooting.
Asif Yousaf told the jury that two men took him to a flat in Broomhall with the promise of trying a new batch of drugs early on Monday, December 22 – hours after Mr Thomas had been shot dead.
Day 32

The father of one of the men accused of the murder said he made a ‘genuine mistake’ when he gave police an incorrect alibi for his son on the night of the killing.

Mohammed Yousaf, who denied attempting to pervert the course of justice, told the jury he accepted he had been wrong to tell police that his son Asif Yousaf had been at home with him and his wife on the night of Mr Thomas was shot dead on Derek Dooley Way.
Day 38

The jury retired to start their deliberations.

Day 39

Asif Yousaf is cleared of the murder of Jordan Thomas and the judge describes him as an 'innocent jupe'.

Jama Ahmed is found guilty of the murder and is sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 36 years. He shouts 'Allahu Akbar' as he is led from the court.
After the sentencing police vow to continue the investigation into the murder and bring to justice anyone else who might have been involved.
Speaking outside court Jordan Thomas' devastated family say they will never forgive his killers.