July driest month for decades

Last month was the driest since the summer of 1976, weather figures have shown.

Last month had the fewest number of rain days – classed as those where more than 0.2mm falls – since that year’s heatwave.

In total just over 30mm of rain fell last month – when the average is 51mm – making it the second driest July since the mid-1990s.

The hottest day of the year was reached during the Tramlines festival on July 26, when the temperature was 27.7C according to the data from Museums Sheffield’s weather station at Weston Park. The average July maximum is 20.8C.

But it still rained on six days, with up to 9.1mm measured.

Alistair McClean, curator of natural sciences, said: “All of these big downpours happened in an hour or two, they were pretty consistent with cloudbursts.”

There were 233.6 hours of sunshine recorded compared to the average of 195 hours.