Keeping track with microchips

Sarah D'Rosa reunited with her cat  Pepsi thanks to an RSPCA microchip
Sarah D'Rosa reunited with her cat Pepsi thanks to an RSPCA microchip

THE RSPCA is inviting pet owners to have their animals microchipped at a reduced price at their open day on Saturday.

Microchipping is seen as the best chance of a pet being identified and returned if they become lost or stolen. A tiny chip is gently inserted under the animal’s skin giving the pet its own unique code. The microchip can then be scanned and matched to the owner’s contact details which are kept on a database such as the national PetLog database. All the owner has to do, is make sure that they keep their contact details up-to-date on the database.

It is a harmless and permanent procedure – unlike collars or tags which can cause injury if caught or be removed if the pet is stolen.

Recently pet owner Sarah D’Rosa was reunited with her cat two years after he had gone missing thanks to a microchip that had been implanted more than 10 years ago. Fifteen-year old black cat Pepsi was found after falling from a wall and reported to RSPCA Sheffield who scanned him for a chip. The chip details were immediately linked to the owner, who had since moved house to Osset, West Yorkshire, and the owner was reunited with her much-loved pet.

“I am over-the-moon and I couldn’t believe it when the RSPCA made the phone call,” says 32-year-old Sarah D’Rosa. “I was living in S8 when he went missing and I’m sure he could tell quite a tale if he could talk. He’s been missing for over two years and my parents went to pick him up from the RSPCA for me because I now live so far away.

“As soon as I could get to their home, Pepsi immediately recognised me and jumped off my dad’s knee and onto mine.”

The RSPCA is charging £5 instead of the usual £12 for microchipping at its open day at the Sheffield Animal Centre on Stadium Way on Saturday from 10.30am – 3pm,

The general manager for the RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre, Stella White, says: “Our discount microchipping days take place about twice a year and so I’d encourage any owners who have not yet done so, to take up the opportunity.”

Another fund-raising event for the RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre takes place on Wednesday with a charity lunch at Baldwin’s Omega. It starts at 11.30am when there is the opportunity to do some early Christmas shopping at stalls selling jewellery, handbags, cards and gifts.

Later guests can take part in a fun quiz while enjoying a three-course lunch and coffee with friends.

Tickets cost £28 available from the RSPCA Sheffield on 2898059 or email