Keeping up with your Telegraph on twitter

Lesley Draper,Derek Fish,Julia Armstrong and David Todd
Lesley Draper,Derek Fish,Julia Armstrong and David Todd

The Sheffield Telegraph: keeping readers up to date with all the local news and features, at news stands, online and now on Twitter too.

Web surfers will know that regular news updates are always available on the Sheffield Telegraph website (

Tweeters will have discovered that snippets are also released daily from the Sheffield Telegraph Twitter account (@shftelegraph).

Now some of our key writers have signed up to give followers a glimpse of life behind the scenes in the newsroom – and a sneak peek at some of the week’s stories as they break.

It’s a 21st century add-on to our weekly news service – and it’s no mean feat considering that most of the team began their careers in the days of typewriters and hot metal.

Editor David Todd (@SheffTelEditor) says: “We’ve seen that Twitter is not just a way of finding out what Stephen Fry had for breakfast, it can be a useful way of communicating directly with our readers.”

Since the Telegraph team began tweeting three weeks ago, a number of stories have come to light directly through the new media.

Writer Lesley Draper – who bullied colleagues into signing up and is still working on the others – is a regular tweeter: “It’s not a replacement for face- to-face contact, but it does have benefits in terms of immediacy. People may not think of sending us a press release or picking up the phone, but they quite often tweet the news… then it’s up to us to follow it up.”

Tweeting, after all, is just another means of communication. So from next week on we will include messages on the Telegraph letters page. We also intend to publish a weekly question which we hope will elicit a response. Please respond by Twitter to any of the addresses above.

This week’s question: Is an elected Mayor a good idea for Sheffield?