Kid’s arrival heralds spring around corner

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IT’s cold outside but spring is nearly here - no kidding!

Cannon Hall Farm, at Cudworth near Barnsley, has delivered its first baby goat of the year, which farm manager Robert Nicholson says is a sure sign that winter is almost over.

The white, fluffy newborn kid was born overnight and discovered by staff when they opened the farm for the morning, and the inquisitive little chap is already proving popular with visitors.

Robert said the timing of the goat’s birth was ‘fairly early but not totally unseasonal’.

“He was born in the early hours and was there when we came out in the morning,” he said.

“It felt like Spring had arrived. You look for little signs like the first snowdrops or the first daffodil, so when you get the first kid born of the year you see light at the end of the dark winter tunnel.”

The goat is a combination of three breeds - Saanen, Anglo-Nubian and Pygmy.

“He’s a bit of a mixture but he seems to have come out really nice, though,” said Robert, adding that the baby has quickly bonded with its mum, four-year-old Snowdrop.

“He’s doing really well, he’s charging about and having the time of his life. He wants to make lots of friends.”

The farm is running a competition to name the infant on its Facebook page - with the prize of a free family pass.

“We try and tailor the births normally, to coincide with the February half-term holiday,” Robert said.

“At half term, 180 sheep are due to lamb, so we’re expecting it to be really busy. Then at Easter we’ve got lots of goats, pigs and another 200 sheep due.

“We try and give the animals the opportunity to have their young when it really suits us best.”

On Sunday the farm is holding Scanning Live, where people will be able to watch lambs being scanned in their mother’s wombs from 11am to 3pm.

And on March 30, the farm is open all night for visitors to see shepherds at work delivering young animals.

■ To name the new arrival, visit and click on the Facebook link.