Kind cafe owner delivers free food to elderly people in Sheffield neighbourhood

A kind Sheffield cafe owner is making sure elderly people in her community get a '˜proper warm meal' by delivering food for free.

Wednesday, 29th June 2016, 3:59 pm
Updated Wednesday, 29th June 2016, 4:03 pm
Natalie Lacey from Salon De Cafe in Crookes is delivering free meals to elderly people in Crookes who cannot get out of their homes. Natalie is pictured centre with Richard Copley-Baines, Dennis Bowling, Veronica Finch, and Pauline Copley-Baines.

Natalie Lacey, who owns Salon De Cafe in Crookes, started delivering her food to elderly people in her community after her father-in-law, aged 89, suggested the idea.

As Natalie’s cafe is opposite a large sheltered housing flats complex, home to many elderly people, her free deliveries have been going down a treat.

Natalie, aged 39, said: “As a lot of the elderly people can’t get out of the house and have to eat frozen meals every day, they are really grateful to get a proper warm meal.

“I usually stay around for a chat too and they are always pleased to see a friendly face and get some company.”

She added: “My father-in-law, who actually lives in the flats, said there was a real demand for a service like this, so that’s why I decided to start making free deliveries.

“Since starting last month, I’ve got at least 15 regulars already and many more who have it every once in a while.”

But Natalie is also making sure elderly people in the community – who can get about – have a place where they can get together.

Mum-of-two Natalie, who opened the cafe in April last year, said: “I’ve also made the cafe a place where elderly people in the community can come and catch-up and relax.

“It’s great, everybody knows each other and they know I won’t be rushing them along to get more people through the door.

“I really enjoy it too. I’ve got some really amazing people who come in.”