Knife and truncheon found in schoolbag left on bus in Rotherham

A schoolbag left on a bus on Rotherham was found to contain a knife and truncheon, it has been revealed by South Yorkshire Police.

Over the weekend officers in Rotherham spoke to six youngsters in the town about the potential consequences of anti-social behaviour after being identified as culprits in Greasbrough and Kimberworth.

A schoolbag left on a bus in Rotherham contained a knife and truncheon

A schoolbag left on a bus in Rotherham contained a knife and truncheon

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Their parents attended the meetings and plans were put in place to try to deter further offending.

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One of those spoken to was identified after leaving their schoolbag, which contained a knife and truncheon, on a bus.

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South Yorkshire Police said the teens were given ‘an extremely robust telling off’ and were threatened with the involvement of other agencies.

Over the same weekend officers also issued acceptable behaviour contracts to two youths believed to be involved in anti-social behaviour in The Lanes area of East Dene, Rotherham.

Another offender was issued with a ‘community protection notice’ and another received a civil injunction notice, which are both designed to curb their behaviour.

PCSO Paul Newman, of Rotherham Central Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We will take very firm action with offenders who persist to blight our communities.

“We enjoy fantastic working relationships with our Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council colleagues, local schools and communities and we act upon reports made to the police.

"It is not just police powers. Such behaviour may also threaten offender’s tenancy if it continues.”