Knife man stabbed Sheffield teen through heart ‘because he was drunk’

Jamie Stewart - murdered on Howcroft Avenue
Jamie Stewart - murdered on Howcroft Avenue

A MAN accused of murdering a teenager on a Sheffield street told his pal he’d stabbed the victim because ‘he was drunk’.

Daniel Parr, aged 21, knifed Jamie Stuart, 19, four times as he made his way home from a 21st birthday party in Parson Cross in the early hours of July 23 last year.

Giving evidence at Sheffield Crown Court, Sean Pryor told the jury he received a text message from Parr on July 23, which said: “I have just pierced that lad four times. I need to see you tomorrow.”

He said: “I asked him what he was on about and he said, ‘I killed Jamie last night. I’m going to hand myself in. I didn’t mean to kill him’.”

Mr Pryor said he met up with Parr before he handed himself in to the police and asked him why he’d stabbed Jamie.

Parr, of Broom Close, Rotherham, who admits manslaughter but denies murder, replied: “Because I was drunk.”

Jurors also heard from Parr’s friend Casey Haywood. She recalled Parr visiting her the morning after the stabbing and the pair looked on Facebook to see if anyone had posted anything about the incident.

She said: “People were saying, ‘Does anybody know who has been killed on Holgate?’.”

Asked what Parr’s reaction was when he realised Jamie was dead, Miss Haywood said: “He was just blank, looking at the screen.”

She described Parr arriving at her flat looking ‘pale’ and ‘shaky’ the morning after the attack, and telling her he had stabbed someone on Holgate Avenue and was going to hand himself into the police.

She added: “There was nothing visible on his clothing, like blood for instance.”

Jamie, of Orchard Close, Ecclesfield, was stabbed through the heart and died from his injuries in the Northern General Hospital.

The trial continues.