Labour leader Miliband ‘sad’ after brother quits politics

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.

SOUTH Yorkshire MP and Labour leader Ed Miliband has spoken for the first time after his brother David announced he was resigning from politics.

Mr Miliband, who represents Doncaster North and defeated his brother for the party leadership, said he feels ‘sad’ the former Foreign Secretary is standing down as a Labour MP to take a role as chief executive of the International Rescue Committee based in the US.

Ed Miliband said: “I suppose I feel at one level, obviously, sad he’s leaving the country and going to America.

“I’m going to miss him. And on another level I feel he’s obviously – and it’s been obvious to me over the last few months talking to him about the job – that he feels excited by it and quite happy to be doing it. And so it’s a mixed sense really. It’s good in the sense it’s brought clarity.”

The Labour leader added: “I think to be fair the “soap opera” had died down a lot – it wasn’t like it was a continuing thing – but there was clearly a sense of uncertainty about what he was going to do, and so it’s brought a sense of clarity.

“So in that sense I think it’s good.

“For him – and for me – that it sort of came out in the right way.

“I think there was generosity on all sides of the Labour Party for the contribution he has made.

“It was quite clear to me from the moment I became leader that he probably didn’t want to come into the shadow cabinet.”