Landfill could be city's 'Central Park'

CENTRAL Park comes to Sheffield?

The ambitious idea of a big countryside park to emulate the one in the middle of New York has been put forward by residents from around Parkwood Springs.

They have formed a steering group and have been helping the council and other agencies such as Sheffield Wildlife Trust to gauge public opinion.

"It would bring the countryside into the heart of the city," says Neill Schofield of the steering group. "The park would have an area bigger than Hyde Park in London.

"Parkwood Springs already has incredible views and all sorts of wildlife but this would create a Central Park for Sheffield, an open space that goes virtually into the city centre."

The proposed country park would cover an area from Rutland Road near the city centre to Herries Road at Owlerton and at about 350 acres would be bigger than Rother Valley Country Park and twice the size of Graves Park.

The proposals include walking and cycling routes, picnic areas and a caf, a city farm, the preservation of heathland and woodland, a 'woodland food' plantation and links to other attractions in the area including the Ski Village, Wardsend Cemetery and the developing Upper Don Trail.

Much of the area is covered by the Parkwood Springs landfill site but when this is decommissioned and landscaped (between 2010 and 2020, says Neill) the site is unlikely to be suitable for housing, so a park seems the favoured option.

The park would not follow a traditional Victorian style, says Neill. "You could say it would be a bit like Clumber Park but on people's doorstep."

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