Letter: ‘Doncaster bus drivers are unfailingly polite’

First buses
First buses

Your report “Bus driver abuse probed” ( Free Press Nov 8) made me think about my own experiences with Doncaster bus drivers.

As a regular car driver, pedestrian and bus passenger, I’m always struck by the absolute professionalism of local bus drivers.

They are sometimes treated as non-existent by their passengers but are unfailingly polite. They are courteous and helpful to other road users, unlike some car drivers, who treat the roads like a race track. And they are remarkably competent and safe drivers, despite the increasingly jammed roads and the very tight schedules they have to try to stick to

Mostly though, I really admire their calmness under extreme pressure. Very impressive. I often wonder whether they go home from a shift and swear at the cat. Many thanks to all of them.

Chris Andrews

Thorne Road, Doncaster