LETTER: Sally’s travel pass blow


According to this article in The Star this lady is now forced to pay 10 per cent of her £7,000 income getting to work, but I would like to point out that this is not exceptional.

I paid for a weekly ticket of £15 for the last four years of my working life when my wage was £80 a week amounting to nearly 20 per cent of my income. Because of pain due to spinal degeneration I could only work part-time and could not have survived without housing benefits but I had no help with bus travel or any other help.

I am now retired get state pension and have a bus pass but have to pay fares before 9.30 now to get to early hospital appointments and voluntary work. I have also lost the help with rail fares in South Yorkshire, making visits to my son in North Yorkshire prohibitive.

The fact is that the cost of travel is far too much for people on low incomes and cutting back on subsidies affects everyone. There are far too many cars on the roads polluting our environment but the government does little to encourage people to change to public transport when it is so costly and unreliable.

Jenny Allinson

by email