Letters: '˜Doing a Sheffield' seems to carry no positive connotations in tree management

In last week's piece the Amey employees' justification for the tree felling boiled down to '˜kill the trees now so they can't die later'.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 19 June, 2018, 17:35

Setting aside the rather macabre nature of such ‘logic’ , it rather begs the question why no other city is doing the same.

By contrast, ‘doing a Sheffield’ seems to carry no positive connotations in tree management circles, but instead describes industrial-scale felling for cost-saving purposes, with no regard for the benefits trees bring to our streets.

Indeed, the article coincided with a letter from the Chief Executive of The Woodland Trust to The Sunday Times describing the council/Amey approach as ‘an example of the wrong way to manage trees’.

Finally, I was disappointed with how your newspaper presented the article.

Although its actual content was quite balanced, comprising as it did the contribution from Amey and the countervoice from Professor Ian Rotherham, the headline and subheadline gave no indication of this, and read more like an advertorial for Amey PLC.

Patrick Daniel

Meersbrook Park Road