Letters: Fresh approach really needed on parking woes

With the recent call by MPs and others for free parking at NHS Hospitals, a fresh approach is needed. '¨This is because many drivers use the car parks whilst they are at work, so making it free will mean even less spaces for staff and visitors.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 29 January, 2018, 15:09

Also, with the plans to centralise more health facilities at Northern General will further exasperate the problem.

Therefore, we need to think of alternatives. Possibly a way forward is to build a multi-story car park at Northern General, which is to be used by staff only with a permit, paying a minimal charge to cover administrative costs; all buses that pass either hospital to also stop at a number of locations in the grounds, so people do not have so far to walk; visitors to the hospitals to collect a voucher from a ticket machine (after paying a high fee), part of the voucher to be on car windscreen, and the second part fed into a machine near each ward to reclaim a large discount. This will reduce the numbers of those who use the car parks for other reasons that visiting or working at the hospital.

Greg Fletcher