Letters: Good work by contractors


At a time when contractors are getting a bit of a bad press may I put in a good word for Northern Powergrid and Murphy.

Ten days ago the mains cable just outside our house blew, shutting down all the power in our house, and much of our neighbourhood.

Within three hours of our phone call we had an engineer inspecting the fault. They then set to work isolating the cable by digging up a portion of my drive and the pavement, finding the exact fault and getting us back up temporarily until the fault was fixed. This took from about noon to 1am. The next day they replaced the cable network.

Throughout, the engineers and workmen kept us informed, worked quietly and thoroughly and ensured we were inconvenienced as little as possible. It was a model of good work and considerate behaviour. So, thank you to Powergrid and Murphy workforce.

Also a cheque for £100 arrived last week, as it had taken longer than 12 hours to restore power.

Given the standard of service this was unnecessary and the money has been donated to Pax Christi, a peace charity.

John Carlisle,