Letters: Ill conceived and badly implemented scheme

I just can't let Simon Geller's letter go without comment. His opinion that 'it is hard to feel sympathy for those who complain the new traffic arrangements on Broomhall Road mean they have to walk a bit further to reach their destination' completely misses the point.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 01 June, 2018, 17:06

He is right to say this is actually a very quiet street but, contrary to the impression given, our concern is not about the impact of this scheme on walkers. It will have no effect whatsoever on those like me who walk down this street every day.

The money provided by central government was given to help encourage cycling – and, as a means to achieve this, reduce the level of rat-running in the Broomhall area.

The number of vehicles flagrantly ignoring the no entry sign at the beginning of the one way system is quite frightening. It can’t be long before a car, van or lorry travelling at speed the wrong way knocks down a cyclist turning into Broomhall Road from Park Lane.

No thought has been given to the impact on parents who use Broomhall Nursery. With double yellow lines now introduced on the road outside the nursery, the drop off and picking up of young children has become extremely difficult and dangerous.

Anyone who has followed this issue will know the council has taken a very cavalier approach to explaining the reasons for introducing the scheme – and listening to the views of the local community. Right from the outset their communication with us has been shambolic. The distribution of letters from the council has been haphazard.

Their failure to respond in a reasonable timeframe to letters, emails and phone calls has left us with little alternative but to lodge a formal letter of complaint. Your readers need to know this is not “an ingenious solution to the rat-running through this part of Broomhall”. Far from it. Ill conceived and badly implemented, this is a text book example of how not to go about introducing new traffic arrangements.

Mike Nicod

Broomhall Residents Against Cycle Scheme