Letters: People need better public transport and safer cycling and walking options

Traffic congestion is something we must all take seriously. We cannot keep squeezing more and more cars into a city of finite space. A future vision for the city centre must allow large numbers of people in and out of the city centre on public transport, by walking and by cycling, leaving enough space to breathe, live, shop and work.

Tuesday, 10th April 2018, 15:07 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th April 2018, 15:11 pm

I am disappointed that road-widening plans for Heeley Bottom focus on getting more cars into the city and don’t include bus priorities or cycle routes. Car drivers are promised 2 minutes off their journey but bus passengers can expect only 30 seconds gain. As Cycle Sheffield have pointed out, a road layout that is only suitable for “confident” cyclists shows how wrong the design is.

The desire for more cars on London Rd may explain why, last autumn, the council changed parking rules in Highfield to encourage all-day commuter parking – to the detriment of local residents and businesses like Portland Works

There is an important principle here, which the Green councillors put in our council budget proposals. We said we would ensure that transport funding is used on sustainable modes of transport only. Creating more commuter traffic and parking problems cannot be sustained.

People urgently need better public transport and safer cycling and walking options so they can choose to leave their cars at home. This would reduce congestion for all road users, reduce dangerous air pollution and improve road safety.

Paul Turpin

Sheffield Green Party, Gleadless Valley ward