Letters: This policy is in place to prevent development

DLP Planning Ltd has submitted an outline planning application, on behalf of Hallam Land Management, to erect 93 dwellings on protected open space at

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 30 January, 2018, 16:59

Hollin Busk, Deepcar.

Developers have been trying to get their hands on this land since 1989 but have been refused permission. Since 1998, the Hollin Busk Fields have been designated as Open Space/Open Countryside and in March 2009 the council’s Core Strategy 72 Protecting countryside not in the green belt was adopted. This policy is not a generic protection of all open countryside in Sheffield. It applies only to four sites – Hollin Busk being one of them. This policy is in place to prevent development of a single dwelling let alone a housing estate. It is there to protect our highly valued visual amenity of Hollin Busk. In particular:

Checking the unrestricted sprawl of the built up areas of Stocksbridge andDeepcar;

Assists the safeguarding of the countryside from encroachment;

Preserves the setting and historic character of Stocksbridge and Deepcar

So far 350+ objections have been submitted to the council’s planning website. In addition to the many individual comments, objections have been posted from Stocksbridge Town Council, Angela Smith MP, Bolsterstone Community Group and individual Stocksbridge town and city councillors. Other organisations are also intending to make an objection.

The advertised closing date for objections is Thursday, February 1. However, the planning officer has told us that objections will be accepted up until the date of planning committee when this application will be considered – but we don’t know yet what this date is. If you want to object to this planning application DO IT NOW.

Remember this is an outline planning application. Hallam Land Management’s aim is to buy up (mainly) agricultural land, obtain outline planning permission to greatly increase its value and then sell it onto a developer.

So what is outlined on their plan is illustrative – could be, likely to be, but the final plan is unknown.

The 2017 Housing White Paper clearly directs future housing development to ‘brownfield’ sites (900+ houses in this area) and reaffirms strong protection for valued Open Countryside. If you want to comment on this planning application DO IT NOW whilst there is still time. Visit http://planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk or put your comments in writing to the Planning Department at Howden House, 1 Union Street. S1 2SH. The Planning Application reference is 17/04673/OUT or search for Hollin Busk. More information can be found on our Facebook page Friends of Hollin Busk.

You can also contact us at f.o.h.b@talktalk.net.

Elaine Smith

Friends of Hollin Busk