Letters: Tree dispute which could easily be resolved

In the Construction News on August 31, 2017 in an interview in relation to disputes with Hereford and Cumbria councils, Mr Milner Amey CEO admits: 'We have learned lessons so we avoid long protracted disputes like this in the future.'

Monday, 16th April 2018, 14:47 pm
Updated Monday, 16th April 2018, 14:51 pm

In February 2018 Amey finally lost their dispute with Birmingham Council. 
There are on going disputes in Liverpool, Ealing, Wolverhampton to name a few.

The highway trees dispute in Sheffield, already a long protracted dispute, is escalating and spilling over to include a people’s audit of all Amey’s works and unrelenting scrutiny of working arrangements, standards and specifications and workmanship.

The growing anti-Amey movement in Sheffield will spread to other Amey contracts and other areas where Amey work and will not stop until healthy highway trees cease to be cut down and engineering solutions are used for the interface issues.

The longer it takes to resolve then the longer the bitter taste of Amey’s prior actions will dwell in the public’s mind.

Any good works (including charitable and community efforts) by Amey within Sheffield are ignored and completely overshadowed by the tree dispute which could so easily be resolved.

So to be succinct and topical;

Dispute in Sheffield Escalating

Lessons Not Learnt

How come Chief Milner?

Hugh Clough

S11 9DF

Humbled by dedication of group members

Last week I visited the Annual Conference of the Geographical Association, held in Sheffield to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the GA, which has been based here since 1950.

The GA is made up of people with an interest in the teaching and study of geography.

It was a privilege to join over 700 enthusiasts for geography who had chosen to spend up to three days of their own time in lectures and workshops to improve their teaching skills and subject knowledge.

It was also great to hear lavish praise from visitors for the ‘Golden Route’ from Sheffield’s Midland Station up to the city centre, and for the conference venues, including Sheffield Hallam University, the Winter Gardens and the Millennium Galleries.

I felt humbled by the dedication of GA members, cheered enormously by their passion for geography teaching, and very proud of Sheffield.

Frances Soar

Bentley Road

They should practise what they preach

It is great to see that Sheffield Council, through the planning process, are proposing to protect and encourage flora and fauna on the Baldwins Omega site.

However, the hypocracy of imposing a condition on the developer to prevent them from removing trees between March 1 and August 31, so as not to interfere with nesting birds, is not lost on me.

Heaven forbid that they should practise what they preach when it comes to their own actions and the actions of their subcontractors.

Simon N Jones

Sheffield, S10

In need of more docking stations for bikes?

The yellow bikes might have been a good idea

But the facilities for parking them are not, I fear

At Hunters Bar a bike was propped up, hardly seen

I was reminded of a comical candid camera scene

Rounding the corner each engrossed in their phone

Many youngsters seemed in a hurry to get home

Happily texting, they never once raised their eyes

So when they fell over a yellow bike, it was a surprise

Fortunately the older folk seemed far more aware

And most registered that a yellow bike was there

But manoevring round some bikes does take patience

And I think we need a lot more proper docking stations



Elect candidate who puts Sheffield first

I am very disappointed that Dan Jarvis is being presented as favourite to win the election for South Yorkshire mayor.

He has consistently opposed the South Yorkshire devolution deal and attempted to have the election for mayor scrapped.

He is on record as saying that his main interest is in gaining a devolution deal for all of Yorkshire and will only act as Mayor on a part time basis (who knows what this means, it could be less than 10 per cent of his time).

Manchester and Liverpool both have elected mayors and are the same distance apart as Sheffield and Leeds, why is South Yorkshire being encouraged to settle for a lower standard of representation than the people across the Pennines?

South Yorkshire is already missing out on a large sum of money attached to the completion of the S Yorks devolution deal and we need a Mayor who will make the completion of this deal a priority.

He or she should also be spending all their time representing South Yorkshire Yorks on a equal footing as the Mayors of other major cities (Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester etc) to ensure this area gains a fair share of any investment funding available.

If the Government does agree a One Yorkshire deal in future the role of the South Yorkshire mayor should be to ensure that, if the Sheffield City Region joins, we will still gain as high a level of funding as under the current deal on offer and does not lose out.

I would urge all voters to ignore party politics In this election and elect the candidate who will put the interests of the Sheffield City Region first and does not see it as a part time job which he wants to abolish as quickly as possible.

John Perrett

By email