Letters: Yet another round of ‘minor changes”’to buses and trams has been put into effect by SYPTE.

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Certain phrases keep coming up in the description ofroute changes: Some, they say, are to “improve punctuality”, but what they mean is journeys will take longer, there will be less frequent bus services and this will lead to even more people using cars. They say other changes are to “improve sustainability” or are “due to a reduction of patronage” but in effect, there will be service cuts to maintain profits for bus companies, leading to even less usage and more service cuts. We are heading towards an ever-worsening crisis but in South Yorkshire, nobody seems to even show awareness that poor bus service is a serious problem. Sadly, SYPTE, First and Stagecoach aren’t providing a service, they are just managing and organizing service decline.

London receives nearly five times more government funding per head for transport than South Yorkshire. Since 1984, bus use in London has doubled - in the rest of the country it has halved. We should all campaign for similar funding and powers , but please, SYPTE, SCR, bus companies, Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield, the future and infrastructure of your region is at stake.

Recognise the problem, come together, get organised, look for solutions and save our buses!

Roy Morris

concerned bus user