Licence is granted for city centre gay club and bar

News: Sheffield Telegraph online 24-hours a day.
News: Sheffield Telegraph online 24-hours a day.

The former Boardwalk live music venue in Sheffield city centre can reopen as a gay club and bar - but with a long list of conditions designed to protect neighbouring businesses and residents from noise and other disturbance.

Councillors this week granted a licence for a club called Fuel in the old Boardwalk at the corner of Bank Street and Snig Hill and a bar called Twist in the old Under The Boardwalk, off Snig Hill. Approved opening hours are 10am to 6am.

Conditions included those stipulated by council environmental protection officers which included a nominated member of staff being responsible for controlling noise and checking there are no problems outside, and further sound insulation if necessary.

The authority received objections from neighbours, including the landlord of apartments in Bank Street and Favell Smith & Lawson solicitors, on the same road .

The application is from Forbidden Leisure Ltd, which is preparing to create a new city centre home for Sheffield’s gay community.

Fuel was previously in Eyre Street, near Furnival Gate, closing six years ago.

The licence for the Boardwalk stipulated closing no later than 20 minutes past midnight weekdays and 2.20am at weekends.