Local Elections: ‘Cleggmania is now Clegg pneumonia’, says Labour’s Blunkett

David Blunkett being interviewed at the Sheffield count.
David Blunkett being interviewed at the Sheffield count.

LIBERAL Democrat leader Nick Clegg’s unpopularity is to blame for his party’s counil losses, says fellow Sheffield MP David Blunkett.

The Brightside and Hillsborough Labour MP was confident early today that his party would take control of Sheffield City Council

“We needed to take three seats, we hope we’ll take six - that would be a very good victory for us,” he said.

He said “Cleggmania” had become “something akin to Clegg pneumonia”.

Worried Lib Dem officials feared they could lose as many as 12 seats in the city.

But a realistic figure may be closer to five or six, it is understood.

Lib Dem council leader Paul Scriven has already conceded that they will lose seats but he added that Labour fought a ‘negative campaign’.

In 2010 the Lib Dems lost control of Sheffield - the city which includes their leader Nick Clegg’s constituency, leaving it with no overall control.

A third of seats are up for election in Sheffield They currently hold 41 seats to Labour’s 40 on the 84-seat council.

The predictions came in as vote counting was going on across the county.