Looking for mum

Victoria Vardy
Victoria Vardy

A WOMAN abandoned as a baby on the steps of a supermarket 25 years ago has launched a hunt for her birth mother.

Newborn Victoria Vardy made front page news when she was found zipped up in a canvas bag at Chesterfield Co-op in 1987.

The 5lb 15oz tot, believed to be only 12 hours old, still had several inches of umbilical cord, fastened with a paperclip.

Victoria - who was adopted by a Chesterfield couple - has now launched a YouTube appeal to trace her mum. She said: “I was adopted when I was nine months old and raised really well.

“I couldn’t have had a better start.

“I’m not looking for another family. I just want to let whoever gave me up know they did a good thing.

“I can’t imagine you can do something like that and not think about it.

“I’ve never really bothered looking before but I’ve got to the age where I could have a child of my own and I think about how I would feel.”