Looking on the bright side

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MADE: The Entrepreneur Festival has teamed up with Off The Shelf, Sheffield’s Festival of Words, to bring comedic futurologist and superoptimist Mark Stevenson to the city.

Next Wednesday he will be at the Showroom Workstation’s Creative Lounge to discuss his book, An Optimist’s Tour of the Future.

When unexpectedly confronted with his own mortality, Stevenson began to ponder what the future holds for our species and travelled the globe in search of answers. Exploring the genuine concerns about new technologies and offering a balanced take on worries about population, resource crises, pandemics, climate change and new forms of terrorism, the book predicts that invention and innovation can help overcome several of humanity’s current problems and asks what’s next for humankind?.

His voyage of discovery takes him to Oxford to meet Transhumanists (they intend to live forever), to Boston where he confronts a robot with mood swings, to an underwater cabinet meeting in the Indian Ocean, and Australia to question the Outback’s smartest farmer. He clambers around space planes in the Mojave desert, gets to grips with the potential of nanotechnology, delves deep into the possibilities of biotech, sees an energy renaissance on a printer, a revolution in communications, has his genome profiled, and glimpses the next stage of human evolution … and tries to make sense of what’s in store.

Stevenson is co-founder and director of cultural engineers Flow Associates and the science communication agency ReAgency, plus special advisor to the African social network BSmrt,

His other credentials include comedian, author, business man, public speaker, futurologist and former-semi professional musician.

Tickets from Showroom website.