'˜Make recycling easier' '“ Sheffield's response to proposed bin changes

Sheffield residents have called for recycling to be made easier after the council proposed changes to collections.

Friday, 5th August 2016, 15:09 pm
Updated Friday, 5th August 2016, 16:14 pm
The bin area for the block of flats on Windyhouse Lane, Manor, Sheffield.

Sheffield Council revealed plans to cut £3.4 million from the waste budget by introducing a number of new ideas, such as collecting more plastics and charging for replacement bins.

And although people seem to want to recycle, many said it was currently too complicated – and they would be put off if they had to pay more.

Stephen Ash said: “It’s just another way of saying we are going to charge you more whilst jacking up the council tax.

“Sorry, but if you want us to recycle more, make it easier. Charging up is not the answer, not of course forgetting that recyclables are worth money.”

Jacqueline Wallace had her own suggestions.

She said: “Return the green bin for garden waste at no extra cost and expand the recycling of plastics, as people find it too time consuming checking what can and can’t be recycled so often don’t bother.”

Paul Fisher was not impressed. He said: “Charging for replacement bins? That’s going to make recycling go down not up. What about those whose bins get stolen or burned?

“Not to mention binmen refusing bins because they are contaminated, which is usually due to people running out of room in their black bins or someone dumping their rubbish in your blue bin.”

Another council proposal was to change collection times, starting earlier at 6am and finishing later at 9pm.

Paul Hardy said the council should use the money it saved to clean up the streets.

“The streets are just full of litter – why should people have to pay for a bin that clutters up gardens and driveways to save the council money when we already pay high council tax charges,” he said.

“And does anyone really want a waste collection lorry coming down their street at 9pm at night? It’s not exactly ideal for people who have children or are in bed and on shift work.”

n To have your say on the proposed changes, visit https://sheffield.citizenspace.com by September 15, request a paper copy by calling 0114 2037621 or contact wastemanagement@sheffield.gov.uk. Changes will be submitted for cabinet approval in the autumn.