Man accused of murder claims that victim had ‘threatened to kill’ him

Crime:Latest news.
Crime:Latest news.

A MAN accused of murdering a friend told a court the alleged victim ‘grabbed him by the throat’ and threatened to kill him.

John Green, 36, claimed the struggle in which he stabbed Sammy Haughton broke out after he asked Sammy to leave his house in Colley Crescent, Kendray, Barnsley.

Green told Sheffield Crown Court he found the dad, aged 29, smoking a ‘crack pipe’ with Green’s mobile phone in the kitchen.

He said: “I asked him to go and he said I’m not f***ing going anywhere.

“I went to grab the phone on the side and he grabbed me by the throat.

“He said I’ll f***ing kill you.”

Green, who denies murder, said he saw the ‘big needle’ of a syringe come towards him.

“I saw the carving knife on the side and I picked it up and we both went forward to each other.”

Green, who was dependent on alcohol and taking several medications, said he was ‘drunk and stoned’ and couldn’t remember some of the events. He added: “It was chaos.”

Nick Clarke QC, mitigating, said: “Did you intend to cause him any injury?”

Green replied: “No.”

Mr Clarke asked: “When you picked the knife up what were you thinking?

Green said: “Just defending myself. He was coming for me.”

Green said Sammy collapsed after the struggle spilled into his garden.

He admitted lying to police by saying he had ‘found’ Sammy there.

Asked why he lied, he said: “I was just panicking.”

The court heard Green mopped up bloodstains and cleaned the blade.

He told police he ‘won’t be able to say sorry enough’.

Jurors were told Sammy, of Sunderland Terrace, Measborough Dyke, had previously taken Green’s benefits and his mobile phone.

He sent Green Facebook messages taken as a ‘threat’ after both were arrested over drugs found at Green’s house and later made unwelcome visits where he took drugs.

In cross examination Bryan Cox QC alleged Green was ‘aggressive’ when drunk and there was no syringe attack – both denied by Green.

The trial continues.