Man terrorises Sheffield shop workers in robbery and burglary spree

Ryan Haddington targeted four Sheffield businesses in the space of six weeks
Ryan Haddington targeted four Sheffield businesses in the space of six weeks

A 28-year-old man threatened Sheffield shop workers with a claw hammer, during a six-week crime spree that saw him rob two businesses and burgle two others.

Sheffield Crown Court heard how Ryan Haddington's spate of offending began on February 2 this year, when he and another male robbed a branch of Subway located on Fulwood Road, Broomhill.

The pair entered the shop at 8.45pm when Haddington's unnamed accomplice threatened the lone member of staff with a knife, before Haddington leapt over the counter, and made away with the till box which contained approximately £200 in cash.

At around 5.20pm on March 12 he struck again at Starmore Boss, Sharrow Vale Road, Sharrow, Carl Fitch, prosecuting, told the court.

He added: "The defendant entered the shop, he had his hood up and had gloves on. He was carrying a hammer. He told the woman working at the shop to open the till, which she did. He told her to get on the floor, so she knelt down. The defendant took the notes out and took the coin drawer."

Haddington, of Sharrow Lane, Sharrow returned to the Subway branch on Fulwood Road on March 14, when he brandished a claw hammer at the 18-year-old woman working there on her own; and told her no-one would get hurt if she opened the till.

"The defendant gave the complainant a bag and told her to empty the contents of the till into the bag, which she did, and told her to go into the back of the shop. On that occasion the defendant stole approximately £160 in cash."

During the six-week crime spree, Haddington also burgled a Sheffield branch of the Co-Op on March 7, when he caused £3,000 of damage and stole bottles of alcohol worth £161. Between March 10 and 13, Haddington broke into Rossi's restaurant in Sharrow Lane, Sharrow by smashing a window which cost approximately £875 to replace. Once inside, he stole alcohol once again.

Haddington was finally arrested on March 15 this year, and subsequently pleaded guilty to three counts of robbery, three counts of possessing an offensive weapon and three counts of burglary at an earlier hearing.

Defending, Ian Goldsack, told the court that Haddington had a 'very troubled background' and suffered from conditions including depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Mr Goldsack added that following a stint in prison in 2016, Haddington had begun to make 'good progress'; but following the breakdown of his relationship and the news that his parents were separating he fell in with a bad group of people and started 'self-medicating through illicit drugs'.

Recorder Ray Singh sentenced Haddington to 42 months in prison during Monday's sentencing hearing.