Marjorie’s historic drama

Marjorie Dunn.
Marjorie Dunn.

SHEFFIELD-born writer and historian Marjorie Dunn – also known as ‘the Puppet Lady’ for the way she turned a childhood hobby into a part-time occupation – has turned to the Napoleonic era for her latest book.

After living in Totley for 30 years, she moved to Chesterfield where more than 400 French prisoners of war were billeted during the Napoleonic Wars in the early 19th century. They were allowed to live freely in the town as long as they strayed no further than a mile outside.

The scenario forms the backdrop for From Beyond The Crooked Spire, a romance novel based on fact.

Marjorie, aged 68, came up with the idea after coming across PoW gravestones in Chesterfield.

She has written books and continues to give talks on local and family history. She will be signing copies of her self published book at Blackwells in Manchester Road, Broomhill on April 16 from 11am to 2pm. The book is also available in the Millennium Galleries in the city centre.

After 40 years, Marjorie no longer gives puppet displays because it was giving her neck problems. “I have had to give them up but I still give talks about them,” she said.