Mark to the rescue to scoop top AA award

Mark Spowage
Mark Spowage

Mark Spowage, aged 39, of Sothall, was named AA Patrol of the Year.

He picked up the title at a ceremony in South Wales after technical and driving tests, a panel interview and mock live television interviews.

Now Mark, who has been doing the job for 14 years, becomes the public face of the motoring organisation for the next year.

He said: “There’s no better feeling than going to people in stressful situations and seeing them drive away with a smile on their face – it’s like a personal mission to improve people’s days.”

He added: “Without doubt the oddest call out I’ve had was to an exotic dancer’s car where her pet snake had managed to get free and slither up into the roof lining. I’m not keen on snakes so banged on the roof to get it out and let her capture it!”