Matthew’s sci-fi film is a thriller for local charities

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At the age of 12, Matthew Walters has set his sights on directing and producing a sci-fi thriller.

He will be working on the film with fellow students at Silverdale School in response to the Master Cutler’s Challenge, which is raising money for Whirlow Hall Farm Trust and Sheffield Hospitals’ Charity.

The challenge sees teams use their entrepreneurial skills to turn £100 into as much money as possible over six months, and Matthew is pinning his hopes on a film about an alien virus and its impact on earth, following an exploding comet!

“I saw a documentary about Comet Ison, a sun-grazing comet, and I came up with the idea,” he said.

Matthew founded the ‘Silverdale Broadcasting Crew’. “Some of the crew are really into acting, whereas others prefer doing lighting and sound – I hope together we can make a really interesting film.”

A fundraising screening is planned for family, friends and other pupils. “We are going to have a movie night with popcorn and snacks to raise money from the film and sell DVDs.”

Matthew’s form teacher and English subject leader, Richard Benn, said: “Matthew has so much enthusiasm for the film-making process. In Year 7 he co-wrote and directed our whole form group in a short zombie film using the class as actors and a makeshift green screen in our class room. We showed the film to the year assembly to great acclaim.

“I supervise the broadcasting crew’s work, but Matt is the boss, a true film director! I think what is really impressive is how he can inspire and lead a group of his peers. It’s tough enough as adults!

Last year’s challenge raised £167,000.