Mayor zips up on new park ride

7 yr old Solomon MARAGH enjoying the newly opened zip- wire in Millhouses Park
7 yr old Solomon MARAGH enjoying the newly opened zip- wire in Millhouses Park

ANYONE who said being city mayor was a glamorous role presumably didn’t reckon on descending on a zip wire in the rain.

But Sheffield civic leader Coun Dr Sylvia Dunkley took it in her stride as she officially opened the smart new facility at green flag-awarded Millhouses Park.

“The zip wire is a brilliant concept,” she said afterwards, revealing she had been warned of this particular duty when she took the chain of office.

“I was nervous at first about the jumping because I’ve not got a very good ankle, but it was brilliant once I’d got on and I’d like another go.

“It ticks so many of the right boxes because it’s something for older children and is something the kids have to co-operate and work together on.

“It keeps kids active. We have growing problems with obesity and this is a way of getting them doing something that’s not just sitting in front of the telly. And it’s a better park for everyone.”

Friends of Millhouses Park’s Kate Stow said the opening was the result of 18 months work in partnership with the city council and securing around £12,000 funds largely through Viridor Credits, cash donated from a landfill company.

“Kids who use the skate park were a bit jealous we had the Splash! Water play area put in for the younger kids and felt there wasn’t quite enough for the eight to 13-year-olds.

“We came up with a few ideas and a questionnaire, went to schools and asked kids what they would prefer to have. It’s about taking turns. I don’t know if they realise that’s what they’re doing but there’s an informal code of conduct they have to adhere to.”