Meadowhall invites hospice families to Santa’s grotto

Two kind=hearted Sheffield boys who sold their toys, books, games and clothes to raise money for charity received a gift from Father Christmas as a special thank you.

Rufus Sylvester, aged eight and his friend Henry Harling, seven, held a ‘yard sale’ and donated they money they raised to St Luke’s Hospice.

Santa plays host to some special visitors from St Lukes

Santa plays host to some special visitors from St Lukes

The Carterknowle School pupils were among a number of children invited to Meadowhall today for a visit to Santa’s grotto.

Other children on the special guest list have relatives who were cared for at the hospice in the past or who are there now.

Meadowhall named St Luke’s as its charity of the year for 2014 and offered free visits to children connected to the hospice to help spread some Christmas joy.

Ellis Fisher, aged 12, from Chapeltown, was one of the older children invited on the family day.

Her grandfather Darrell Howells was cared for at St Luke’s in his final days and her mum Kay, 42, who has a terminal brain tumour, also uses its services.

Mike Reeder, senior chaplain at St Luke’s said: “It was a wonderful day and a chance to create some happy memories for the children and their families.”