Mean Sheffield driver orders George, 84, off bus

George Kent
George Kent

A GRANDFATHER aged 84 was left out in the cold by a bus driver who ordered him off because his pass had expired by just one day.

Sheffield Wednesday fan George Kent was forced to walk home in freezing temperatures after watching his team lose to Bristol City at home.

He was refused a seat on a 79 Stagecoach bus outside Hillsborough after the driver spotted his pass expired the day before.

Mr Kent needed to travel only two stops to reach his home in Wadsley Bridge, but the driver told him to get off.

What would have been a short journey turned into an hour-long walk for Mr Kent, with the bitter weather causing him pain where his catheter is fitted.

According to county-wide travel policy, the driver should have allowed him on the bus regardless.

Mr Kent said: “It was only two stops but it took me an hour to walk. The time it took him to argue with me I could have been home. I told him I was frozen.

“I’ve had a catheter for 10 years and when I get cold it really hurts. I got back and I just slumped onto my settee, and felt poorly for a good while afterwards.

“I know it’s my fault for going out in the cold to watch Sheffield Wednesday, but I’ve been watching them since 1939, I can’t keep away.

“I look forward to it, it’s all I live for these days.”

He added: “I didn’t notice my pass had run out, you forget with your age sometimes.

“I know not all bus drivers are the same but what he did was mean, just terrible. My family have all been disgusted by what happened. They’ve been ringing me to see if I am OK.”

Stagecoach managing director Paul Lynch said: “South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive guidelines set out that passengers are permitted a two week grace period after a senior concessionary pass expires.

“Unfortunately, it seems the driver was unaware of these guidelines and we are sorry for the difficulties Mr Kent experienced.”