Meet Wybourn Waterthorpe

Concord Youth Music is putting on a celebration of music and movement in the form of a show called Saving Metroville at The Blue Shed, Brightside Lane, Sheffield this weekend.

Concord’s newest production relates the legend of Sheffield’s own Superhero - Wybourn Waterthorpe – as he fights the evil villain (and, of course, gets the girl) in a classic comic book story.

“Fast, loud, colourful, exciting, mysterious, magical and fascinating, this unique blend of music and movement will leave you with a positive and optimistic view of the world seen through younger eyes where anything can happen,” according to producer Roger Steele.

Concord Youth Music comprises a dozen young brass players backed by a rhythm section and featuring an innovative dance troupe. The show is fully-choreographed with all performers contributing to the audio-visual spectacle.

Performances are at The Blue Shed, Brightside Lane, are on Friday at 7.30pm and Saturday at 2.30pm and 7.30pm. Tickets at £8 via or 2491460.