Men jailed for almost 15 years for robbing box stuffed with £35,000 from terrified family

Shoaib Nawaz
Shoaib Nawaz

Two gang members have been jailed for a total of ­almost 15 years for robbing a box stuffed with £35,000 cash from a terrified family’s home.

Shoaib Nawaz and Osman Bakri led a gang of knife-wielding masked men who burst into the home of a successful Sheffield family to steal their hard-earned money.

Osman Bakri

Osman Bakri

The gang left a woman and her three young sons – aged just 11, eight and two – terrified as they burst into the home, grabbed the case and made off in a getaway car.

Michael Greenhalgh, prosecuting at Bradford Crown Court, said the horror raid came about after two teenage boys were showing off to each other about their families’ wealth.

After one of the young men claimed he would inherit the cash, the other told his older brother and an ‘unbelievably silly and amateurish’ plan to steal the money was formed.

The targets of the raid were the Yasin family, of Willoughby Street, Page Hall, who run successful firm Arshad Textiles on nearby Rushby Street.

Mr Greenhalgh said the Yasins’ nephew Waqar Arshad had been showing off to his ‘former best friend’ Harris Nawaz, now 18, about his family’s cash.

Soon after, Harris’ older brother, Shoaib – who has a family of four children – lured Waqar down an alleyway and told him he knew about the cash and they needed to ‘hit it’.

Mr Greenhalgh said: “Waqar described Shoaib as becoming angry and aggressive, threatening him that if he didn’t take the money his family would be hurt.”

A plan was hatched and the gang – including Bakri and Shoaib – assembled to raid the Yasin family’s home at 3.45am on August 8, 2013.

The lady of the house, Shareen Akhtar, was home alone with her sons and her nephew, Waqar.

There was a knock at the front door and Waqar answered.

Mr Greenhalgh said: “Waqar described Shoaib as holding a knife and Shoaib punched him twice in the face and pulled him upstairs.

“Waqar pointed to the room where the box was kept and was then pushed downstairs.”

Waqar admitted his part in the events to police.

Sentencing Shoaib to seven and a half years and Bakri to seven years, His Hon Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said: “It was deplorable, it was mean, it was frightening.

“What could be worse than armed, disguised men breaking in, in the dead of night, and taking all the hard-earned proceeds of legitimate business?

“This was a serious, gang attack with significant planning.”

Shoaib Nawaz, 26, in custody, and Osman Bakri, 27, of Flockton Court, near Sheffield city centre, admitted robbery on the first day of their trial in April.

Co-defendants Mohammed Samir Nawaz, 20, Harris Nawaz, 18, Sohail Nawaz, 24, all of Earl Marshall Road, Pitsmoor, admitted conspiracy to steal.

Harris was sentenced to 18 months in prison, suspended for two years, a 12-month supervision order, 300 hours of unpaid work, a six-month curfew; £1,000 compensation, an exclusion order and a prohibited activity order.

Mohammed Samir and Sohail got the same except a two-year suspended sentence.

Sarhan Ahmed, 23, of Whiteways Road, Grimesthorpe, admitted assisting an offender and was sentenced to the same except a 15-month suspended sentence and no supervision requirement.

A seventh defendant, Sajid Ditta, will be sentenced on July 13.