Messy Sheffield event raises funding

RESTAURANT staff who recreated Spain’s annual La Tomatina festival in which people are pelted with tomatos raised £200 for a Sheffield charity.

The workers at La Tasca, Ecclesall Road, took it in turns to sit in a bath of squashed tomatoes to raise money for St Luke’s Hospice, with passers-by and customers asked to make donations.

Dan Barnett, holding general manager at La Tasca Sheffield, said: “It was a fantastic day, everyone got really stuck in and had a great time.

“We managed to raise an impressive £200 for St Luke’s Hospice.

“I’m really proud of the whole team, they should all feel very pleased with themselves for raising money for such a well valued charity.

“Here at La Tasca we love to get involved in community initiatives and local charities, so, we hope we can do the same again next year - although we don’t want to see any tomatoes for a while.”