More borrowing is not the answer to Sheffield’s woes

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Star Letter
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Veronica Hardstaff’s letter in The Star on April 22 provided a good description of the state of the economy including the withdrawal of full council tax benefit, the bedroom Tax, the coalition government’s imposed cuts in vital local services, and the need for food banks.

She is right to some extent to blame this on the financial crash caused by reckless bankers. However, such speculation would not have been possible if the Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown, had put in place a strong, fit-for-purpose financial regulatory mechanism.

That Labour government’s failure to regulate is an important contributing factor to the financial crash of 2008. Socialists like Veronica Hardstaff do not seem to recognise that, if in debt, the cure is not to borrow more money. If a country is in debt, and that debt is increasing, the solutions include spending less, which means cuts in spending.

This means the cuts she describes are a consequence of the Labour government’s spending. Financial mismanagement and incompetence are mirrored at local level.

In Sheffield, public libraries are being closed, while Town Hall offices are being refurbished.

Employers like Ikea are being turned away, while the council pays thousands of pounds to employees who do not work for it, but for their trades union.

We are still paying £25 million a year for the sports facilities of the long-gone World Student Games.

This £25 million would have made a significant contribution to alleviating Sheffield’s current financial problems.

The message is clear: if you want the country and yourself to prosper, don’t vote Labour.

BW Jervis

LibDem candidate,Burngreave