Morphine allergy ‘not to blame’ for South Yorkshire mum’s death

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a MUM-of-eight who fought a battle with cancer did not die because of an allergic reaction to morphine as her husband feared, an inquest has ruled.

Angela Millthorpe, aged 48, died at Barnsley Hospital in October 2010.

In the months before she passed away, she trained husband Ian how to bring up their children the way she wanted, and taught him how to run their home in Windmill Avenue, Grimethorpe, Barnsley.

She had been diagnosed with cancer 17 years earlier, and the disease spread.

Angela was suspected of being allergic to morphine but was given a dose of the painkiller after being admitted to hospital when she started vomiting at home.

Ian feared the dose led to her death.

But, delivering a narrative verdict, Sheffield Coroner Chris Dorries said: “Angela Millthorpe died at Barnsley Hospital in consequence of a widespread malignancy which originated from breast cancer diagnosed in 1993.

“While there appears to have been a significant omission from 2004 in follow-up care of her original breast cancer, it is likely the cancer which eventually took her life had already spread by the time of the 1993 diagnosis.”

Angela had been given morphine while Ian popped out to their car, leaving his wife alone for 10 minutes.

He told the inquest he was never asked whether his wife had any allergies, but said he and his wife both believed she was allergic to morphine. The inquest heard she had suffered previous reactions.

Ian told the inquest his wife had appeared ‘fit and well’ and had been ‘laughing and joking’ before she started vomiting.

But Mr Dorries ruled: “Mrs Millthorpe had previously suffered reactions to opiate medication. But there is no evidence the administration of morphine was a factor in her collapse.”